Top 5 things to know about AvidPay:

  1. Used by banks, public compaines, and national managers today
  2. Over 300K suppliers in the network today and growing
  3. AvidPay provides suppliers more options for receiving payments
  4. Very similar to traditional bank bill-pay, except check payments go out on your account
  5. You can approve payments the same way as you do today in Strongroom Payables Lockbox

30,000+ HOAs using payables lockbox

70% payables lockbox customers using AvidPay

1.2MM+ Payments issued via AvidPay for payables lockbox customers


  1. Receive payments quicker
  2. Receive rich remittance information around each payment
  3. Improve cash flow with more immediate payments
  4. Eliminate check processing costs and reduce time spent on processing checks
  5. Eliminate inefficiencies caused by a paper-based process


  • Virtual Commercial Card (VCC)
  • A VCC is a one-time use virtual pre-loaded card with the required funds needed to successfully process the payment you’ve uploaded into the AvidXchange system. Suppliers accepting this form of payment need to be setup prior with their own merchant services provider giving them the ability to process card transactions. The VCC provided for payment is essentia lly processed in the same fashion as a physical card using the supplier’s POS device or computer-based program entered manually in lieu of swiping a standard card.
  • AvidPay Direct – Enhanced Direct Deposit
  • Avid Pay Direct is our enhanced payment option supp liers can opt-in for shou ld they not have the ability to process VCC payments and don’t want to await slower moving check payments. As files are uploaded contai ning payments to suppliers within the Avid Pay Direct Network, an enhanced direct deposit is pushed from the AvidXchange trust to the supplier’s specified bank account.
  • AvidPay Check
  • Paper checks are always avai lable as a payment o ption for your su ppliers. If checks are the preferred payment type for a supplier, checks are mailed on the first business day after that supplier invoice is approved for payment (just as they are today). Check printing will occur from one of our regional printing location options that’s best su ited to serve the region you operate in .