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Part of Cadden Community Management's dedication to delivering total peace of mind is providing a level of service that will help make your life easier as a homeowner. That is why we offer the option of paying your homeowner assessments online.

Cadden Community Management uses Alliance Bank and Paylease to process all online payments. You will be redirected to a third party website (CCM logos and contact information may be present). If you are using a credit card, a convenience fee will apply. Alliance Bank charges 3% credit card processing fee and ACH/e-checks payments are free of charge. Paylease charges 3.25% credit card processing fee and $3.95 for ACH/e-checks payments

Alliance Bank of Arizona

Set up your recurring ACH autopayments or make one time payments here. Payments via electronic check are free:

Click to Pay My Account Alliance Bank of Arizona


If you have already created an account and do not wish to use Alliance Bank at this time, choose this option:

Click to Pay My Account PayLease

Cadden E-Statement

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