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Cadden Community Management currently has approximately 30 managers on staff. Many associations have limited budgets that do not justify a full-time manager, or the funding to hire a manager directly. In this case, economies of scale permit Cadden Community Management to designate a manager to your association at a very competitive rate. Here, the manager may also be designated to one or more other associations. This is called “portfolio” management and is a practical management solution for many smaller and medium-sized associations with smaller and/or limited budgets.

The manager provides in-depth financial management, administrative help with property inspections, CC&R enforcement, maintain owner and resident rosters, set up and support committee systems including architectural controls and guidelines, as well as serve as liaison with the association’s legal counsel. In addition, the manager will help negotiate and supervise maintenance contracts, serve as a proactive liaison between the board and homeowners, and provide knowledgeable customer service support for homeowners.

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