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On-site Management

For those associations with larger operations and the need for on-site services Cadden Community Management can help, whether the need is for a manager, office assistant or maintenance person - and whether the need is for full-time or part-time on-site management, or any combination of staffing or hours for that matter. In these cases, we oversee all aspects of the association’s financial health and daily operations, on-site activity, and staff’s scheduled work hours. The manager handles the human resource (HR) issues for the board including hiring, payroll, insurance administration, payroll tax filing, and compliance with labor laws.

The on-site manager provides a huge benefit to the association by being able to interact with residents on a regular, face-to-face basis. An experienced senior manager, supervises each on-site manager, providing full support, management advice and expertise, and even accompanies the manager to board meetings and/or board consultations as needed. The company finance director and bookkeeper also provide the same full support to board members and on-site staff. There are many workable combinations and options commensurate with the many different types and sizes of associations.

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