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Financial Management

Cadden Community Management handles all aspects of community finances including association dues invoicing and collection, accounts payable management and reporting, annual draft budget preparation, annual meeting preparation and attendance as well as tax filing.

Under the supervision of a Finance Director, our bookkeepers work alongside your manager to provide monthly financial statements for your association. On a monthly basis we produce a balance sheet, an income and expense statement (with a year-to-date analysis), an accounts payable and accounts receivable ledger, copies of checks paid each month, copies of bank statements, and the status of homeowners’ dues payable. Our financial software program is one of the most advanced and recognized in the industry, regularly updated, and privacy-protected.

Some of our client associations elect to contract for financial-only services only, for which we provide the same in-depth reporting, staff support and diligence. Regardless of an association’s size, our financial staff is prepared to work with all board treasurers to ensure proper financial reporting. Our Finance Director is always on hand to lend more specific support and assistance.

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