• Payments in Cadden offices

    July 24, 2021

    Effective September 1, 2021 Cadden Community Management will no longer accept cash. Homeowners are able to pay their assessments online, with a check or money order only.

    Thank you for your understanding.

  • Congratulations to Angie Chu-Mak, the 2020 Cadden Community Management Legacy Award

    December 28, 2020

    Congratulations to Angie Chu-Mak for all of her hard work and being awarded the Cadden Community Management Legacy award.

  • Congratulations to Chastity Crawford, the 2020 Cadden Community Management Employee of the Year

    December 28, 2020

    Congratulations to Chastity Crawford on being named Cadden Community Management 2020 Employee of the Year.

  • COVID-19 Update

    June 24, 2020

    In light of the recent increase of COVID-19 cases in Arizona, we will be closing our offices to the public starting June 22, 2020. We take the health of our customers and employees very seriously. We ask that you please contact your managers via email when at all possible. We will keep you posted on potential re-opening dates. We are not accepting cash payments at this time. Homeowners can drop off money orders, checks, and ARC forms thru the mail slot. Keys, remotes, FOBS, etc., will be mail out.

  • Cadden Community Management office will be closed to walk-in traffic

    April 2, 2020

    In an effort to combat the pandemic of Covid-19 Cadden Community Management’s offices will be closed to walk-in traffic until further notice. Please call (520) 297-0797 to schedule and appointment, speak with your Community Association Manager, or leave a message for them. We are here to serve our clients to the best of our abilities and we appreciate your understanding in these hard times.

  • Congratulations to Kathy Thygersen, the 2019 Cadden Community Management Employee of the Year

    January 7, 2020

    Kathy manages Associations from single family home communities, townhomes, condos and commercial accounts. Kathy is accredited as an Association Manager through the Arizona Association of Community Managers and has earned her AACM in 2009. Kathy has served as Treasurer and chapter President for Southern Arizona Community Associations Institute (CAI) and has been active with CAI since 1999 and continues to serve as the Programs and Sponsorship Committee chair. Kathy was recognized in 2014 and 2018 as Manager of the Year of Southern Arizona chapter of CAI. Kathy is a Team Lead/Supervisor working with Managers, assistants, on site staff and enjoys all aspects of our industry and the opportunity to mentor managers and support staff.

Employee of the Month – 2021

  • Jose Luis Mireles

    December 2021

  • Jose Becerra

    November 2021

  • Melissa Mignon

    October 2021

  • Nahla Abdul Kader

    September 2021

  • Ally Jaeger

    August 2021

  • Betina Salinas

    July 2021

  • Aly Terry

    June 2021

  • Faith Rybski

    May 2021

  • Daniel Perez

    April 2021

  • Vanessa Lubinsky

    March 2021

  • Tamina Bland

    February 2021

  • Tony Bluto

    January 2021

Employee of the Month – 2020

  • Maritza Sosa

    December 2020

  • Deborah Parriott

    November 2020

  • Kathy Thygersen

    October 2020

  • Pam Rogers

    September 2020

  • Brenda Motes

    August 2020

  • Valentina & Betina

    July 2020

  • Chastity Crawford

    June 2020

  • Merrie Morris

    May 2020

  • Jill Ward

    April 2020

  • Rudi Hernandez

    March 2020

  • Angie Chu-Mak

    February 2020

  • Rebecca Hutchinson

    January 2020