At Cadden Community Management we’re proud to support the community in which we serve.

At Cadden Community Management we’re proud to support the community in which we serve. As a locally-based and operated company, we understand the importance of using our expertise and experience in ways that will benefit communities in our Southern Arizona neighborhood.

3rd Annual Holiday Care Package Drive underway

Your support will increase the “comforts of home” we will pack and ship on November 19, 2011

We are pleased to announce our 3rd Annual shipment of care packages to our troops serving overseas. Last year, with the help of AACM (Arizona Association of Community Managers), we shipped 425 packages to Camp Leatherneck in Afghanistan. We are enthusiastic about our 2011 Drive and hope you will join us in this important effort.

Many hands were on deck for packing day

425 holiday packages were sent off to troops in Afghanistan

Forty plus enthusiastic volunteers filed into Cadden Management’s Prince Road offices early Saturday, November 20 to man stations for the 2010 holiday drive packing day. Project co-chairs Agnes Hertzog and Sharon DiRienzo deftly organized groups for box construction, content sorting, packing, taping, postal paperwork, stacking and loading. The energy and spirit during the entire workday was impressive.

In support of this second annual project, Arizona Association of Community Managers (AACM) focused on collection of military-approved items and monetary donations at both its Phoenix Trade Show in August and more recently at the Tucson Trade Show held on November 17. Collaborative efforts resulted in a total of 425 boxes delivered to the U.S. Post Office for overseas shipment to Afghanistan, quadrupling the number of individual boxes sent during last year’s holiday drive.

Cadden Community Management extends heartfelt appreciation to AACM staff and members for their help with this important project throughout the year. Special thanks also to the Monroe McDonough Goldschmidt & Molla PLLC for providing breakfast for volunteers on packing day, as well as to Carpenter Hazelwood PLC for hosting lunch. Saguaro Environmental Services and Waste Management donated collection and sorting boxes for this event. We are especially grateful to Postmaster Rob for opening his facility at 6:00 am for intake and to Jim who came into work on his day off to help process the care packages. Kudos to all our packing day volunteers for their time, dedication and hard work. Well done, everyone!

This program is sponsored by the U. S. Department of Defense and the U. S. Post Office, as part of Operation America Supports You.

Community Food Bank

More than a ton of food donated

Cadden staff members were proud organizers and participants in the 2009 AACM Trade Show and Food Bank Drive held November 18, 2009 at Westin La Paloma.

Responding to Community Food Bank’s (CFB) increased demand for food during the 2009 recession, collection efforts began in September and continued throughout the fall. Nearly 2,800 pounds of non-perishables were collected for the Tucson CFB, representing approximately 2,185 meals.

Thank you to all our community clients who helped in the collection of this important gift to Tucson’s less fortunate.

Arroya Vista Community Clean up

Community pride restored!

Tucson community, Arroya Vista, was an HOA that had ceased to function. Early in 2009, Cadden Community Management volunteered to assist the association with electing a new board of directors. Staff worked with the new Board at weekly meetings to create policies and procedures and offered guidance in re-filing the necessary documents to bring the HOA current with the state and local municipalities.

Sales and marketing representative, Gabe Noriega, jumped in and assisted the Board with the necessary paperwork to have this community approved for an Arizona Association of Community Managers (AACM) Outreach Grant. Gabe was the driving force in assembling a team of homeowners, community managers, landscape, paving and painting companies as well as insurance companies and other vendors to participate in a common area clean up on June 27, 2009. Arriving at 5:00 am, over 100 volunteers worked throughout the day clearing and hauling away trash and landscape debris. Encouraged homeowners followed this lead and began cleaning up their own yards as well.

Arroya Vista is now a fully functioning HOA; its community pride restored.

U.S. Military Holiday Gift Box Drive

With the help of friends, family and association supporters, Cadden staff were thrilled to go to the post office Monday, December 7th with 92 care packages for our American troops in the Middle East.

In September, Mike Cadden shared news of two San Diego friends’ involvement in preparing and sending gift boxes to our soldiers in the 7th Marine Regiment in Afghanistan. Many Cadden employees and/or their spouses have served and were aware of the need; immediately imagination, heart, funds and effort were engaged.

Many people were on hand December 5th for a very organized day of boxing up the collected merchandise and arranging the paperwork for shipping. Supplies ranged from encouraging letters and toiletries to candy and food – a little bit of home packed tightly into a standard 12x12x6 carton.

Cadden Management also reached out to involve its client communities and several vendor contractors. Albertson’s donated ziploc bags, Winterhaven HOA in Sierra Vista sent numerous items; other homeowner communities throughout Tucson contributed supplies; vendor contractors affiliated with Arizona Association of Community Managers (AACM) donated generously. Mike Cadden matched the cost of the items donated and paid all postage costs.

“Our first annual holiday drive was a resounding success,” project coordinator Agnes Hertzog said, “in addition to our target goal of 50 boxes for the 7th Marine Regiment, we were able to send 42 more packages to a Davis-Monthan Air Force unit serving in Iraq.”

Collection efforts are already underway for 2010. Cadden Management proudly supports our troops!

This program is sponsored by the U. S. Department of Defense and the U. S. Post Office