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Cadden Community Management is a certified Legal Document Preparer (LDP), complying with Rule 31 of the Arizona Supreme Court. Approved in July 2003, the rule requires that persons and entities who are non-lawyers and who are engaged in the preparation of legal documents, shall obtain the certification of Legal Document Preparer (LDP). This is not a certification to practice law or render legal advice, but it permits an LDP to perform or provide limited and specific services related to legal document preparation and provision.

Why is this certification important? An association’s governing documents are legal documents, and are the basis of all community associations in Arizona. Managers deal with these documents on a daily basis, such as assisting in drafting wording, analyzing language, assisting with interpretation and making non-legal recommendations. The filing of a lien is also permissible by a certified LDP, and many of our associations avail themselves of this option.

A certified LDP must comply with the requirements of Arizona Judicial Code, Section 7-208, as adopted by the Arizona Supreme Court, which provides for the statewide certification of legal document preparers. It was adopted due to the Court’s recognition for the need to protect the public from possible harm caused by non-lawyers providing certain legal services, such as document preparation and/or provision. Cadden Community Management maintains this certification in full compliance with the Code. We adhere to its code of conduct, which establishes minimum performance standards, and we uphold the responsibilities of this certification as described in the Arizona Code of Judicial Administration 7-208(F).

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