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U.S. Military Holiday Gift Box Drive

With the help of friends, family and association supporters, Cadden staff were thrilled to go to the post office Monday, December 7th with 92 care packages for our American troops in the Middle East.

In September, Mike Cadden shared news of two San Diego friends’ involvement in preparing and sending gift boxes to our soldiers in the 7th Marine Regiment in Afghanistan. Many Cadden employees and/or their spouses have served and were aware of the need; immediately imagination, heart, funds and effort were engaged.

Many people were on hand December 5th for a very organized day of boxing up the collected merchandise and arranging the paperwork for shipping. Supplies ranged from encouraging letters and toiletries to candy and food - a little bit of home packed tightly into a standard 12x12x6 carton.

Cadden Management also reached out to involve its client communities and several vendor contractors. Albertson’s donated ziploc bags, Winterhaven HOA in Sierra Vista sent numerous items; other homeowner communities throughout Tucson contributed supplies; vendor contractors affiliated with Arizona Association of Community Managers (AACM) donated generously. Mike Cadden matched the cost of the items donated and paid all postage costs.

“Our first annual holiday drive was a resounding success,” project coordinator Agnes Hertzog said, “in addition to our target goal of 50 boxes for the 7th Marine Regiment, we were able to send 42 more packages to a Davis-Monthan Air Force unit serving in Iraq.”

Collection efforts are already underway for 2010. Cadden Management proudly supports our troops!

This program is sponsored by the U. S. Department of Defense and the U. S. Post Office, as part of Operation America Supports You.

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