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Congrats Michael Cadden


Congratulations to Cadden Community Management’s President/CEO Michael Cadden on being selected for the Council of Heroes for the November 11 YMCA of Southern Arizona Military Ball. The YMCA Community Military Ball is hosted in honor of all five branches of veteran, active, reserve, and retired military service men and women and their families in southern Arizona and the YMCA’s legacy in supporting those who serve and protect in the U.S. Armed Forces.

Proceeds from this Ball will fund YMCA programs for military service men and women and their families

A group of community members from southern Arizona with diverse military service backgrounds that represent different branches of service. Jon Trachta, Captain, Marine Corps; Lynne Wood Dusenberry, Commander, U.S. Naval Reserve; Frank Michael Cadden, Lieutenant Commander, Navy; John A. Almquist, Jr., Major General, Air Force; Edmund G. Marquez, Sergeant, Army Reserve; Luis Fernando Parra, Specialist, Army; Max Davis, Yeoman Third Class, Coast Guard.


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