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Cadden’s “Fit For Life” Biggest Losers

Monday, May 8th, 2017

Deborah Colon-Mateo is Cadden’s “Fit for Life” Biggest Loser during the company’s weight loss challenge this year with Maria Solis coming in a close second. Both employees earned a huge round of applause for a job well done!

Ideas to Conduct Better HOA Board Meetings

Monday, May 1st, 2017

By: John Price, CAAM®, Cadden Community Management

Symptoms of an ineffective HOA Board meeting
– Being unprepared for the meeting
– Little or no knowledge of the subject being discussed
– Not fully knowing your “fiduciary” role or responsibilities
– Difficulty handling residents’ time/input portion of the meeting
– Drifting away from the agenda. Difficulty keeping on track
– Meetings drag on too long.
– Overly ambitious agenda – trying to do too much
– Talking too much
– Wasting time reviewing or approving minutes
– Abstaining at voting time – why?
– Conflict of interest

Being prepared for the meeting
– What will you actually do at the meeting?
– Do you have a job description as a board member?
– Yes, two words…Make Decisions
– An agenda (now made available at all board meetings)
– A board packet
– Read your board packet before the meeting
– Ask questions

Why you need to be prepared
– Non-profit Corporation Act §10-3830 – General Standards for Directors
– Carry out your duties in good faith; with the care, an ordinarily prudent person in a like – position would exercise; in the best interests of the corporation.
– Do it by relying on information, reports, statements, data, consultants, attorneys, committees, managers….etc.
– Do your homework! It’s your duty.

Homeowner’s Time/Input
– Friendly, welcoming….and no combat
– It’s their time!
– Controlled input – AZ Revised Statute §33-1804
– No interrupting
– No obligation to immediately respond
– Avoid legal debate and argument

Drifting off the subject?
– Losing focus?
– Talking around the subject?
– Realizing lack of knowledge of subject
– Discussion – Motion – Vote
– Motion – Discussion – Vote
– It’s OK to decide not to decide

Robert’s Rules
– Too complicated for most to implement
– Currently, a modified version used by nearly every Board (= a diluted version)
– But do have some structure and formality.
– Motion – Discussion – Vote

Stick to the agenda or the meeting drags on…
– Try to discuss only to items that are disclosed on the agenda
– Stick to the agenda
– Spin-off discussions are always tempting, but that is not fair to fellow board members or residents who did not know it would be discussed (or decided)
– No surprises – besides, you can’t come prepared if surprises!

Overly ambitious agenda – trying to do too much
– Some issues can dominate a meeting out of proportion
– Try to handle only one big issue per meeting if you can
– Streamline or reduce your agenda if needed. No unrealistic agendas, please.
– But…….come prepared………always

Putting it all together
– Motion-discussion-vote
– Entertain (insist on) a motion
– Board discussion first (around the table?)
– Focus on the motion
– Open up motion to attendees for “comment”
– Focus on the motion
– Any further comments?
– Vote

Streamline your minutes
– Purpose of minutes is to record the decisions of the corporation (by the Board)
– “Bare bones” minutes versus “details”
– That’s why they are called minutes not hours
– Date, time, attendance
– Motion – decision
– Motion – decision
– Adjourn
– Speeds up review and approval

I abstain!
Reasons for abstaining:

– My neighbor will find out my decision
– Fear of making the wrong decision
– Not enough information to decide

Challenge the abstainer regarding:
– His/her duty to make decisions
– His/her reason for abstaining
– Why? Because you were elected to make decisions.

Conflict of interest
AZ Revised Statute 33-1811 addresses HOA Board conflicts
– If any contract, decision or other action for compensation is taken by or on behalf of the board of directors would benefit any member of the board of directors or any person who is a parent, grandparent, spouse, child or sibling of a member of the board of directors or a parent or spouse of any of those persons, that member of the board of directors shall declare a conflict of interest for that issue.
– Declare the conflict in open meeting before action is taken by the board, then you may vote

– Come prepared
– Read your board packet
– Do your homework
– Don’t interrupt or debate residents during their INPUT time
– FOCUS —- Motion – Discussion – Vote
– Stick to the agenda — no surprises
– Streamline your minutes – get on with the meeting
– Avoid abstaining from decisions without solid reason
– Disclose conflict of interest……and recuse yourself

We promise that…
– The more effective (and shorter) your meetings, the more enjoyable they will be!

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