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Employee of the Year 2010

Friday, January 21st, 2011

Susan RodriguezEach year Cadden Community Management makes the hard choice among all of its wonderful and talented employees to pick just one “Shining Star”. This year we are honored to award that title to Susan Rodriguez our HOA Finance Director.

Susan was born and raised in New Jersey and earned her Bachelor’s degree in Finance and Accounting from Pace University in New York. Susan has worked in the HOA industry for 4½ years and prior to that she was an owner of Kumon Learning Center, worked in the commercial lending field, and worked as a private & tax accountant. Susan has been with Cadden Community Management for 14 months and we are proud to have her on our team.

Learn more about Susan and our other Core Team members here.

Solutions to Old, outdated and Ambiguous Governing Documents

Friday, January 21st, 2011

Our managers recently attended the Carpenter Hazlewood luncheon at the Sheraton Hotel to hear Roger Wood, esq. speak about some solutions to those old and outdate governing documents. These are monthly luncheons that our managers attend and an invitation is always extended to Cadden Community Management’s board members.

Several quick things that we took away from the luncheon:

• “Old” doesn’t always mean “Bad”
• Documents don’t need to be amended because the “Declarant” has gone
• What to do if the amendment fails
• Parking, exterior maintenance, insurance, and other problematic wording in the governing documents

This is just one of the many ways that the Managers increase their level of knowledge in the association management business at Cadden Community Management.

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